A tribute to my name

Yesterday on the Ellen show, Stevie Nicks (my favorite singer of all time) and Rod Stewart announced that they were going on tour together. My response…BRILLIANT! I’m already planning on buying a front row ticket.

This glorious news spawned a revival of Fleetwood Mac songs throughout my day. And on facebook a friend of mine sent me a link to the song “Sara” posted on YouTube. What a magical voice Stevie has. How lucky am I to have a song written by her with my name in it!

Sara Song #1: To kick off the list of my top 5 Sara songs, here is that link to Fleetwood Mac’s song.

Sara Song #2: Another all time favorite band of mine, also circa 1970’s, is Hall and Oates. Over the years I have grown more and more fond of their hit song Sara Smile. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear it live several times, including once while I was watch from back stage at a show in Baltimore.

Sara Song #3: I’ve always kept track of all the songs with my name in it. Starships “Sara” was never a favorite of mine, but I’m going to rank it as my third favorite because of all the memories it evokes (I will also rank it as the corniest). I would always get annoyed when I would introduce myself and it would cause someone to break out in song. (Sara, SARA…storms are brewing in your eyes). Thanks for that, drunk guy at the bar.

Oh you’ve got to love a good 80’s band music video. The hair, the clothes, the dancing!

Sara Song #4: The discovery of this song and the impact it’s made upon me has remained dormant up until now. Thanks to google, I found this old Bob Dylan song that was written about his ex-wife Sara Lownds. It’s actually very good! And I wouldn’t expect anything less from Dylan. I’m surprised that this has fallen off of my radar after all the years of researching Sara songs. Gotta love a good harmonica.

Sara Song #5: And this final ballad by Ray LaMontagne holds a special place in my heart. I like to imagine that these words are from my dad to me. The lyrics make me think about how young my parents were when they met, leading to their divorce when I was three. He fought for us when I was young, then in my high school and college years I was the only one reaching out.

Wow, that was deep. Sorry that I turned into a Debby (as in Debby Downer) for a minute there. The list just would not be complete without that song. I would hate to have to end on a sad song, so to end on a positive note (no pun intended), here is another good name song that I have always loved! This one will get you dancin! Happy Friday!

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