Second bedroom makeover: Part 1

Well, after living in my condo for a little over a year, I finally did it! I finally painted on the walls (of my second bedroom, for starters)! The weekend was rainy and so I did it all in one weekend and posted a great blog titled Picking out paint colors to match your personal style on my work blog.

Like the banner?! Yeah…I did that. It pays to be a graphic designer!

I had some great fun on doing research for this “how to” column style post. But I felt an added sense of pressure knowing that I was actually giving out advice! I think I did a good job though. It was good practice for me!

It was quite challenging to photograph the room and try to get the actual color of the paint! I had to amp up the saturation a bit in Photoshop because the light in the room made to colors look a little washed out, but it still looks pretty close.

Here is a before picture that I found on my iphone.

and here are a few before shots of the room right before I started painting…




I think it took longer to tape off the everything than it did to actually paint it. And of course I ran out of paint half way through the second coat, so I have an extra 3/4 of a gallon left. FABULOUS! oh well, I think it looks great!

Tada! (this desk was a thriftstore find…I plan on repainting it)

Tada! (This dresser was also a thriftstore find that I repainted. Check out my before and after from the work blog here)


TA-DAAAAAAA! Did you notice that I didn’t include the tread mill in the final photo shoot? It didn’t really look right for the final reveal, but I do still have it. I have some fun and crafty plans for dressing up the walls, window treatments, etc…and more info on the wall decal later!

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